do i have to be home for pickup and delivery?

Nope! When you sign up, you can choose Unattended or In-person pickup. If you prefer Unattended, you can tell us where to pick up and/or drop off your laundry (in your Current Order Instructions), or give us a front door code or a copy of your building or house key. 

Do you wash comforters, rugs and other specialty items?

We do – and we only charge the regular per pound rate – no sky-high flat fee. If we can fit it in a washer and you want it washed, we can wash it! However, we cannot air dry large items, so they’ll need to be able to take a warm tumble.

do you check labels for washing instructions?

We do not. Doing so would significantly slow down our process and raise the cost. No bueno.

Do you treat stains?

We do! For an additional $.20/lb., we will inspect each item you send and pre-treat any stains we find. We can also wash heavily soiled laundry twice, for an additional $.50/lb.

do you handle things that don’t go in the dryer?

Yes, and with care! Anything you send in a zippered or cinched mesh lingerie/wash bag will not go in the dryer, but rather will be held aside and returned to you damp. If you don’t have any lingerie bags, bag those items separately for us and mark “no dry” and we will provide you with as many lingerie bags as you need for a $5 deposit each.

will you hang items after drying?

Absolutely, if you provide the hangers and let us know what you would like hung.

do you offer hang dry?

That we don’t do: given our speedy turnaround, there isn’t enough time for your items to thoroughly dry before delivery, so anything you don’t want to go in the dryer, simply send in a lingerie/wash bag (see above).

Do you offer dry cleaning and pressing?

Not yet, but coming soon!

how do I know how many pounds of laundry i have?

The easiest way to find out is to hold your laundry bag while standing on a bathroom scale and then subtract your weight. But as a reference, we've found that our customers' average weekly poundage is about 15 for single folks and about 40 for a family of four.